Friday, December 30, 2016

The lies of the New York Times about Syria

This article has been changed.  I read it on the plane yesterday.  And they have a phrase (which consistently appears in ALL US media although it is a lie. And you point out that it is a lie, you are accused of being an Asad apologist, just as if you point out lies of Zionists you are accused of anti-Semitism.  The statement which was later deleted (without a not in the editing changes below the article) said that "The Asad government labels all its opposition terrorists".  This has appeared repeatedly in US media.  But if the editor of the articles bothers to check you will see that it does not match the record.  Here in this interview with Bashshar Al-Asad he was asked (I am translating from the official Arabic transcript released by the government):  "To be clear, do you classify all the opposition groups as terrorists?  Bashshar:  "Certainly no. When you talk about an opposition group which adopts political means, those are not terrorists.  But as soon as you carry a machine gun or other weapon and you terrorize people and attack civilians and public and private properties then you are a terrorist".  I have never seen a story in US media where there is such a race to lie, fabricate and and not care about accuracy and professionalism like the coverage of Syria. In the same article (since changed and emended and altered), the article says that Bashar has called "Trump a natural ally".  Without the various qualifications to that sentence.  I don't know why not one member of the group of Western correspondent decides to abandon the propaganda frenzy and insists on professional standards on Syria.  I really don't get it.