Sunday, December 25, 2016

Supporters of Syrian rebels never run out of schticks to justify their support for rebels: Farouk Mardam Bey

"Qu’en Syrie même des nantis d’Alep, toutes confessions confondues, se réjouissent d’être débarrassés de la « racaille » – entendre les classes populaires qui peuplaient Alep-Est – n’est guère étonnant. On l’a souvent observé ailleurs, la morgue des classes dominantes est universelle."  Yes, that makes sense.  So the entire people (more than a million and a half) who live in West Aleppo are the bourgeoisie while the rebels in East Aleppo are the proletariat.  But this is what is funny: those same supporters of the rebels early in the conflict dismissed the poor conscripts in the Syrian regime army as uncouth poor (and they were dubbed Abu Shahhatah--those who walk in slippers) and now the employ an opposite class analysis.  But let me understand this correctly: so the Syrian rebels are the proletariat and the sponsors of the proletariat are none other than GCC and US which want to establish the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in Syria?  Of course, at least Mardam Best is not claiming that any of the ideologies--ANY--of the Syrian rebels speak on behalf of the working classes and their interests.  Neither the Syrian regime nor the Syrian rebels represent in their leadership or in their ideology the interests of the working classes.  But there is something absurd about this whole process: supporters of Syrian rebels especially in the West never tire of coming up with new tricks and ploys to reconcile Syrian rebels with progressive causes and agenda.  What is next: a claim that the Wahhabi Emirate of Qatar and the Wahhabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are now the new leaders of world revolution of the proletariat?  

PS This schtick has been running in several commentaries in Gulf regime media as this week.