Friday, December 09, 2016

Human Rights Watch will not call this "possible war crime": "Israeli Army Tweets Fake Map of Hezbollah Positions in Lebanon"

"On December 6, the IDF Spokesperson tweeted in English a photo of a map described as “declassified,” showing Hezbollah military positions scattered among Lebanese villages.  Eighty-five villages appear on the pictured map along with thousands of sites tagged as military sites of combat equipment, launch sites, anti-aircraft and infantry positions.  “This is a war crime,” the tweet said. It was retweeted hundreds of times.  But an investigation by Twitter account holder @JudgeDan48 found that the map is not “declassified” that in effect this is not a map of Hezbollah military positions in Lebanon, but a map prepared by the IDF Spokesman. The fabricated map contains points of interest for sites that were glued onto a map of southeastern Lebanon. Even a check of the points listed on the map found conflicts with the map that was tweeted. The IDF confirmed that the map is inaccurate and is in effect only an illustration of what is going on in Lebanon."  Notice that the criminal terrorist mind behind the map offers the term "civilian villages"--as opposed to "military villages".   (thanks Nour)