Friday, December 02, 2016

How the DailyBeast (known for its sophisticated foreign policy knowledge) proved that Islamists were created by regime

What is hilarious about those accounts about how those Islamists did not really exist and that the regime created them is that: they never really explain why those organizations (the same ones or their ilk) exist also in every single Arab or even Muslim country.  They never tell us that. Did the Syrian regime like the Jordanian regime exploit those militant Islamists in the past? Of course, they have, just as the US did in the long years of the Cold war. But look at this investigation:  It even proves that the regime bombs itself as well: "the regime likely staged bombings of its own security facilities in 2011 and 2012 to foster the impression that al Qaeda had an armed presence in Syria long before it did. "  It also proves that Bashshar tried to assassinate himself many times as well.  But there is more: "Syrian intelligence has penetrated the leadership of extremist jihadist groups and at critical moments can influence their operations." So basically, ISIS and Nusrah really wanted to engage in peaceful struggle but that the Syrian regime forced them to behead and kill and maim. They never wanted to do that really.  But don't think that the account of the first rate professional journalism website, Daily Beast, is not substantiated or documented: it is very well-documented. You want evidence? Here is one: "That view is widely held in the region." But the writer really did his best to rely on neutral observers to bolster his case: "The regime said it was a response to activists’ demands to free political prisoners. U.S. intelligence officials, who spoke on background, offer a similar explanation. "  Did I not tell you that we are dealing with high journalism here?  And there are hard estimates involved: "Interviewed in a café in Istanbul’s popular Fatih district, which is now packed with Syrian refugees, he estimated that half the commanders in ISIS are working with the regime today".  You read this and want to scream: so ISIS and Nusrah are really misunderstood peaceniks who are manipulated by the sinister regime.  Oh, and the Jihadis like peaceful protesters: "One jihadist thanked Hakawati for helping organize the popular uprising. “It’s due to your demonstrations that we are all comfortable now,” he said."  This has been widely circulating in the last two days. I am not kidding you.