Sunday, December 18, 2016

For the world to see: Anne Barnard and Liz Sly purposefully cover up the crimes of Syrian rebels

جفش وأحرار الشام يعرقلان خروج مدنيين من كفريا والفوعة بعد خروج مقاتليهم من حلب
Today, Syrian rebels (armed rebels, and not civilians) set busses (that were intended to carry the injured civilians from the humanitarianly besieged and starved (at the hands of Syrian rebels), towns of Fu`a and Kafrayya) on fire.  There is no question who set the busses on fire. Syrian rebel supporters posted videos in which they were chanting anti-Shi`ite slogans.  More, there was a claim of responsibility in a full statement.  See below.  And even the news station of Muhammad bin Salman, Al-Arabiyya's website, carried the story and even named the groups of Jaysh Fath Ash-Sham and Ahrar Ash-Sham as the culprits (see above).  Then rebels and their supporters on Twitter rushed to ask all to remove the videos before they are seen by Westerners.  Look how Reuters and how Anne Barnard of the New York Times and how Liz Sly of the Washington Post reported a crime whose culprit was clearly and specifically known.
Liz Sly (@LizSly)
Many reports say it is unknown who set fire to the buses. Could be another group, or angry locals
Anne Barnard retweeted this: "
Alison Meuse (@AliTahmizian)
Not clear who did this, but shows how many moving parts to go wrong in this complex deal
and Reuters cited Syrian rebels--who else--that government forces were responsible.
Here is the claim of responsibility for the burning of the civilian buses by Saraya At-Tawhid.
Now you may ask where was Charles Lister in all this. Well, he was busy producing a statement by the insignificant Free Syrian Army blaming "undisciplined members" of the opposition and basically disagreeing with the act only because it jeopardizes the evaluation of people from East Aleppo.  By the way, do people notice how religiously-phrased statements by Free Syrian Army? Of course, you won't notice because neither Liz Sly nor Anne Barnard knows a word of Arabic and even if they were to know Arabic, they would never publish anything damaging to the propaganda of their rebels.