Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bashshar Al-Asad's love for the private sector continues

"Reconstruction is of course a huge and very useful economy for any country in the post-war stage. For us in Syria, we have very large material capabilities in the private sector, both in Syria or in the countries of expatriation or among businessmen who emigrated during the crisis. Most of those will return. They have houses and properties and will return to rebuild their country, and consequently economic movement will start. There isn’t a great concern in this regard, but it needs time. Of course, when there is support from friendly countries, this will increase the speed of the development process which lost hundreds of billions as you said. Reconstruction is obviously useful for us, but also to other companies coming from abroad. And I tell you clearly and simply that the Syrian people will not accept any company coming from any state that took a hostile position towards Syria or towards the integrity of Syrian territory or a state that supported terrorists. This is very clear, and we need to be able to distinguish between the private sector in such states and the position of the states themselves. The priority in this case will be given to friendly countries which supported us directly like Russia, China, Iran, and others, or at least the countries which did not stand against Syria, even when they were neutral and took a moral position.""