Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Zionist classification of Syrian rebel groups

For Zionists, Wahhabi clerics are secularists if they are aligned with the Zionist regime. Such are the criteria if Zionists.   Look at this one: Notice that there is an attempt to distinguish various different Jihadi groups and the introduction of "political islamists" as if they don't subscribe to the notion of Jihad.  But the funny part is the reference (a whole 25% of "secularists", which is a reference to the various Western-trained and created and Turkish-trained and created and GCC-trained and created gangs grouped under the larger banner of Free Syrian Army.  Note that some of the gangs themselves have religious names but it does not matter.  And the Zionists who prepared the report conclude: " When the thousands of rebels in the non-powerbroker categories are added, the "secularists" become the largest grouping".   So by WINEP's calculations, and with extra math, the percentage of the secularists is really 99.99%.  So the percentage of Jihadis is merely 1% of all rebels really.  They remind me of one Western correspondent who wrote about the Syrian war early on and claimed that the righters in Syria are unlike what is being presented are mostly hippies, secularists, feminists, Sufis, and people who like to have sex.  Kid you not.