Monday, November 21, 2016

Why is there a Saudi envoy in Lebanon?

So the Saudi regime sent Prince Khalid Al-Faysal.  The Lebanese media have not reported on the real motive of the visit.  I will.  Whenever a new president is elected, the Saudi government sends an envoy and offer him $5 million as a gift (the gift to the prime minister is $20 million.  When it was offered to billionaire Najib Miqati, he told them: I don't need the money but instead I would be blessed if whenever I go on my annual Hajj I am met with the King or princes. They Saudi government agreed but then reneged (typically) on the promise when he headed a government after the collapse of the last Hariri government).  All Lebanese presidents have accepted the gift except Emile Lahhud, and that was one reason the Saudi government hated him. They took his refusal as an insult to the royal family.   So will Awn accept the $5 million?