Monday, November 14, 2016

Saudi regime prostration to Trump is reaching pathetic levels: a Saudi regime paper talks about Obama "whose father came from the jungles of Africa"

Look at this columnist from Saudi regime mouthpiece, Al-Jazeera: "Trump has become last Wednesday the president of America, and by presiding over the throne of power in the most powerful state on earth, it means that a new dawn has risen in the world, and on the Middle East in particular; and that that Obamian nighmare and the stale years which were crowned with blood, have ended with the beginning of the Trump era...The Democratic politicians were the worst for us and our region...And the one whose father came from the jungles of Africa were the worst among them by far".    Days ago all those regime mouthpieces were signing the praises of Hillary.

PS The sleazy Al-Arabiyya news site also carried this column with its racist language.  I bet you that MEMRI won't cover this one because those Saudi regime racists are allies of Israel.