Sunday, November 20, 2016

Max Fisher on the Saudi-Iranian war: basically, it reads like a press release from the nearest Saudi embassy

First notice that the article cites advocates and supporters of the Saudi regime but cites not one advocate and supporter of the Iranian regime. This is called balance in US Zionist media.  Furthermore, while Fisher does not know Arabic, he could have consulted experts who do to tell him about the Saudi regime blatant takfir of Shi`ites, long before the Iranian Revolution. 3) Notice that the word Wahhabiyyah does not appear in the article.  4) Saddam did not engage in blatant sectarian anti-Shi`ite propaganda as the article maintains.  5) The article does not mention the role of the US occupation of Iraq in spreading sectarianism as a deliberate policy in conjunction with Gulf regimes. 6) The article does not mention how US/Israeli-Saudi alliance intensified the anti-Shi`ite rhetoric after the July 2006 war which humiliated Israel in order to undermine resistance groups against Israel in the region.