Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Human Rights Watch purposefully mistranslates a leaflet from Syria

Rami Jarrah (who is widely cited as an authority by mainstream Western media) posted the Arabic leaflet dropped by Syrian regime forces and the English translation by Human Rights Watch, which has been widely circulated.  I will provide to you my translation of the original Arabic and you judge how reliable the translation by Human Rights Watch is. The Arabic says (in full): "Read and Repeat.  This is the last hope.  Save yourselves.  If you don't evacuate those areas soon, you shall be finished off (or vanquished or destroyed).  WE have provided you with a safe passage to exit.  Take your decision fast. Save yourselves.  You know that all have abandoned you and left you by yourselves to face your destiny and they won't provide you with any help.  General Command of the army and armed forces."

PS The word annihilation is very specific and has an equal Arabic equivalent "Ibadah" which does not appear in the original Arabic.