Thursday, November 24, 2016

Henry Wallace and the Democratic Party

If you think about it: the Democratic Party has been moving to the right since the days of the 1940s.  The big moneyed interests and the southern segregationists succeeded in weakening the union leadership's influence and in moving the party to the right. They were the one who engineered the coup against Henry Wallace and the installation of Truman as vice president in 1944.  If you go back and read some of the statements of Wallace, it is stunning that no one would say those things now.  He denounced imperialism and used that language and denounced colonialism (hell, even FDR denounced British colonialism).  If you read what Wallace said about the races, you won't have the "first black president" ever utter such denunciations of white racism.  The Democratic Party--the tears of liberal Hillary's supporters notwithstanding--is really a right-wing party whose only connection to liberalism is history only.