Thursday, November 17, 2016

Anti-Semites for Israel

For many years, those of us anti-Zionists who abhor anti-Semitism have been arguing that Israel and American Zionists were never serious in combating anti-Semitism and that they politicized the matter, and aligned themselves often with anti-Semites. There are many examples. The Zionist movement has been silent for decades about the anti-Semitism of the American evangelical movement (Israel and US Zionists were silent about the anti-Semitic book by Pat Robertson, The New World Order).  And when Rep. Bob Dornan in a speech in US Congress denounced a Soviet reporter (who happened to be Jewish) in a crude and vulgar anti-Semitic insult, US Zionists came to his defense and reminded everyone that he had a strong pro-Israel record.  So this new chapter in US Zionist and Israeli cover up of American anti-Semites is not new at all.  It has a long history.