Monday, October 10, 2016

When the New York Times fact checks

"Mr. Trump said Syria, Russia and Iran are fighting the Islamic State.
Donald J. Trump said Syria, Russia and Iran are all fighting ISIS, a name for the Islamic State. Syria and Russia have carried out airstrikes against some Islamic State militants, but the majority of their military action has been conducted against other more moderate rebels. Iran, however, has trained Shiite militias that are key fighting forces against the Islamic State in Iraq."  If only the New York Times would identify those "moderate rebels" in its correction so that we can understand.  I would maintain this although I am opposed to the Russian, Iranian, Hizbullah, and Iraqi intervention in the Syrian war: probably Russia killed more of ISIS fighters in Syria than the US.  Also, most of the battles of Hizbullah in Syria have been against Nusrah--but I get it, that Al-Qa`idah is now considered among "the moderate rebels" by all mainstream media in the US and EU.  Also, if only the New York Times would explain to readers who was behind the explosion of ISIS in Dayr Az-Zur?  Norway?