Monday, October 24, 2016

When I was in Lebanon subject to Israeli indiscriminate bombardment in 1982, Tom Hayden was cheering Israeli occupation soldiers

From James:

"Jane Fonda Criticizes P.L.O.  TEL AVIV, July 2— Jane Fonda and her husband, Tom Hayden, arrived today for a weeklong visit here and said that the Palestine Liberation Organization's terrorist acts and refusal to recognize Israel had made the invasion of Lebanon inevitable. The visit was arranged by the Israeli Association for the Welfare of Soldiers, which has invited several American entertainers to Israel to improve morale. "

"Today Jane Fonda and her husband, Tom Hayden, briefly visited the Israeli position at St. Anthony's School and watched the shelling. The movie star and her husband have been visiting Israeli soldiers and Lebanese wounded in the invasion. Israeli soldiers crowded around Miss Fonda to be photographed with her, but she looked distant and uncomfortable.
Mr. Swersky, the Israeli command spokesman, gave Miss Fonda and her husband a private briefing on the military situation. Mr. Hayden, who was a leader of the opposition to the Vietnam War, has said that the Israeli invasion is justified because the P.L.O. refused to recognize Israel."