Saturday, October 08, 2016

Liz Sly and various Western propaganda on Aleppo: so how many hospitals are there in East Aleppo? Let us do a count

Zaynab Srur of As-Safir followed Western media counts of hospitals in Eastern Aleppo, and here is my summary of her article (I can't judge one way or another the veracity of the various reports, of course):  Physicians without Borders said three days ago that there are only "four out of eight" hospitals functioning in East Aleppo and that they were bombed.  Aljazeera claimed that there are six hospitals functioning.  The Guardian said that there are three hospitals left in East Aleppo, and that one of the three was bombed by Russian and Syrian regime. This number clashes with the number of Physicians without Borders. CNN, on the other hand, said that there is one hospital left in East Aleppo still functioning out of four and mentioned a 3rd hospital bombed.  The hospital mentioned by CNN is not listed by Physicians without Borders.  Huffington Post listed five hospitals in East Aleppo which are still functioning which also clash with other counts.  But a month prior, Huffington Post has mentioned three hospitals in East Aleppo.  But the local committees of the Syrian rebels said TWO MONTHS ago that that there are no hospitals left anymore in East Aleppo, but the same committee later said that two functioning hospitals were bombed.  And those same committees were the major source of "news" from East Aleppo for Western media.  As for the notorious Liz Sly (who basically takes the propaganda of Syrian rebels and produces it in English) of the Washington Post, she wrote on Sep. 28 that there are six remaining hospitals in East Aleppo.  But six days later, Liz Sly mentioned eight remaining hospitals (the number of Physicians without Borders).   And that is how the truth is disseminated about the news from Syria in Western media.