Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Amal Clooney's offensive behavior: She is to human rights what her husband is to human rights in South Sudan

"When the conversation turned to the Yazidi people, Clooney made it seem as if they were the only religious sect in Iraq being slaughtered by ISIS, the official said. The ambassador and his staff tried to offer her a “full picture” outlining each group targeted by ISIS, but Clooney was “completely uninterested” and “tone deaf to the whole thing,” the official said, noting, “It was highly offensive. I have had cousins decapitated.” Alhakim, who had 65 of his own family members exterminated by Saddam Hussein’s ruthless regime, became infuriated with Clooney and, at one point, stated to her, “This is highly insulting. This is very unacceptable,” the official said."

PS I should have pointed out that the tone of the article is sexist and condescending, as much as I detest Mr. and Ms. Clooney.