Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Who speaks for Arab public opinion? An Israeli of course, according to NBC News

This is what this Israeli dude said about Arab opinion of Peres: ""From the Arab point of view, they will look at him with mixed feelings — part positive and some negative," Mekelberg added."  This is like saying that a patient looked at cancer with mixed feelings.  Mixed feelings? Arabs--get it in your head or look around Arab social media for the last 24 hours--despise and detest Peres.  There are no mixed feelings whatsoever.   The same lousy article cited someone else describing Peres as a "fox".  Western Zionist media are really trying hard to reduce the level of Arab contempt for Peres.  And then NBC wrote: "Peres' legacy was also tarnished in the Arab world by the 1996 shelling of a U.N. compound in the village of Qana, Lebanon".  So this massacre tarnished his image among Arabs? So prior to this massacre he was a popular figure? People forget that Arabs are fully aware of his role in the construction of Israeli nuclear arsenal, and the Tripartite invasion of Egypt in 1956, and his successive role in the Israeli government and ordering various bombing raids on refugee camps and villages in Lebanon.