Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Shimon Peres: the invention of the Western media and governments

You will not read in the next few days about the real Shimon Peres, a seasoned war criminal who never met a warcrime or a massacre or an occupation which he did not like or engineer.  People forget that people of my generation or older know the real record of the Labor Party and its leaders in the history of Israeli war crimes and occupation.  People of my generation are far less likely to see any difference between a Netanyahu and a Peres.  The racism of Netanyahu and his love of war crimes and massacres have all been preceded by same tendencies in the Labor Party leaders. You won't read in the next few days about the man who helped in the construction of the Israeli nuclear arsenal, and yet had the chutzpah to rail against an incomplete Iranian nuclear program.  This is a man who spoke about peace in the west, while ordering massacres of civilians in Qana and in all the refugee camps of Lebanon during my youth.  This is a man who spoke about the two-state (non)solution in the West, while he engineered the occupation and settlement of the West Bank and Gaza and the repression of Palestinians in 1948 occupation of Palestine.  This is a man who engineered the evil but logical alliance between Apartheid South Africa and Apartheid Israel.  But then again, the West never talked about the real Israel. Their Israel is an imagined Israel which Western liberals loved to fantasize about and treat as a reality.  Their Israel never existed: it was an invention of their racism and callousness.  It is not that Western governments and media who will ignore the war crimes of Shimon Peres did not know about the war crimes by Peres: they know of course but their racism will prevent them from remembering the victims, for example, of Qana massacres in a UN shelter.  Those victims never matter for those Westerners mourning a major war criminal in our region.