Thursday, September 29, 2016

How US Zionist media just don't want to concede that Arabs hate and despise Israeli war criminal, Shimon Peres

This is what the Times said: "Mr. Peres was seen as a more complicated figure among Palestinians, who remembered his role in advancing settlements in the West Bank and in ordering a brief but intense military campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon in 1996 that led to civilian deaths."  No, Arabs don't see him as "complicated" at all. They hate him and despise him.  And no, it is not only about settlements and the "brief" war crime in Lebanon. It is about a long career of war crimes.  As Minister of Defense, he ordered countless bombing raids on civilians in Lebanon in the 1970s.  To say that Palestinians view Peres as complicated is like saying that Jewish people (and others) view Hitler as a complicated figure.