Sunday, May 08, 2016

On Sadiq Khan

From Alastair in Paris (I cite with his permission, of course):   "Re: I could not care less about a Muslim mayor of London

Sadiq Khan is a moderate socialist. His past history shows this to be likely true. Working class origins, his education was in the University of North London, a 
plebeian institution where also Corbyn. He long worked in the lower levels of the Labour party. By contrast, Manuel Valls, present French socialist PM, only became 
convinced of left-wing ideas when he became mayor of Evry, a working-class suburb of Paris, and then rapidly abandoned them, when he became PM.  Obviously SK is a politician, and so will have been obliged to abandon his previous support of BDS, in order to get elected. Evidently he is in the same situation as  Obama, who has been unable to do much. I am mildly optimistic for Sadiq Khan. He has irreproachable socialist origins, but is also energetic, in dragging himself up from a poor family. So not a weakling,  unlike Cameron. He may do some good, in spite of the NeoCon tendencies of British politics. Let’s hope so."