Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Terrorism in Europe: how US and Western governments nourished and encouraged Al-Qa`idah terrorists in Syria

You can really trace the current problem of terrorism hitting Europe to the beginning of the Syrian war in 2012 and the insistence of Western governments--against all available evidence--on creating the myth of "moderate Syrian rebels".  Western propaganda glamorized a non-existing Syrian "revolution" and romanticized those Muslims in the West who took the trip to fight with the various Jihadi group.  The myth of the moderate Free Syrian Army was in full swing at the time, and any opinion which warned of the dangers of rise of terrorist groups in Syria was immediately dismissed as pure Syrian regime propaganda.  The dangerous propaganda ploy of Western media continues. Look at this map from this article in Bloomberg.  Look how the areas designated as "Syrian rebels" is so widely expanded.  In fact, if you look at the areas around Idlib, the dominant force there is Nusrah Front even if it works with other militant Jihadi groups under the banner of Jaysh Al-Fath.  So basically, whenever Nusrah Front (the descenents of the terrorists of Sep. 11) align themselves with other rebel groups, Western propaganda and media outlet regard the rebels in that area as "moderate Syrian rebels" because they are not fighting under the banner of Nusrah although the banner exists.  This is one of many example but it gives you an idea.  And Zionists have been most active in this regard and in spinning this propaganda but they are not alone: some liberal and leftists have also been spinning this fable.

PS This article by the research arm of the Israeli lobby concedes the point about Nusrah Front in Idlib.