Thursday, March 24, 2016

Saudi-Qatari relations: a Saudi channel moves to Doha

So former Ben Ladenite-turned Saudi Wahhabi liberal, Jamal Khashuqji (who worked for various Saudi princes over the years) decided to move the new news channel that he will be running on behalf of his patron prince, Al-Walid, from Bahrain (where it lasted for one day before it was shut down by the Bahrain tyrants) to Doha.  The amusing thing is that Khashuji during the conflict years between the Saudi and Qatari regimes was one of the most loud voices against the Qatari regime. In this interview he defines the role of the new channel:  "And he confirmed that the stances that will be adopted by the Al-Arab channel will be to serve to the policies of Saudi Arabia which we believe in".  Kid you not.