Thursday, March 31, 2016

Regarding Syria and demonstrations

I hate to bother you but it is time to say this.  The day after the cease-fire was announced in Syria, there were a few demonstrations in Syria.  As soon as the first image arrived to Western news bureau, long articles were written about how the "revolution" restarted and that the non-violent peaceful revolution has resumed.  Western correspondents in Beirut and their editors in NYC and DC wanted so bad to validate the thesis of the silly narrative of a peaceful democratic liberal and secular revolution in Syria.  But what happened next? Well, demonstrations died down, and there was a massive demonstration in support of the regime in Damascus, and there was repression of demonstration in "liberated rebel" areas, and today, there was a demonstration against two rebel groups fighting it out in ghutah.  Of course, the coverage of the resumption of "revolution" stopped in its track.  Who will first write the first critical article about the "the shoddy journalism in the coverage of the Syrian war"?