Wednesday, March 23, 2016

FLASH: Zionist censors in US--biggest enemies of democracy in the country--lose: UC regents reject blanket censure of anti-Zionism

"University of California regents said Wednesday that anti-Semitism has “no place” on a college campus but declined to issue a broad condemnation of anti-Zionism as a form of discrimination.  Instead, they unanimously approved a report on intolerance that decried only “anti-Semitic forms” of the political ideology, which challenges Israel's right to exist in Palestine." 

This is basically a reiteration of our stance in the pro-Palestinian community in the US: we reject any and all forms of anti-Semitism of any kind, and we don't welcome any anti-Semites in our midst.  We remain steadfast in our stiff and categorical opposition to all forms of Zionism, which is a form of racism and segregation.  This victory for free speech should energize the anti-Zionist movement worldwide.  States based on racism, exclusion, and occupation have no place in the modern world.  Furthermore, all states based on an exclusive religious identity--whether Muslim or Jewish--should be opposed as relics of medieval times.