Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Live report from Awamiyyah, Qatif in Saudi Arabia

I received this report from eyewitnesses in Saudi Arabia: "The Saudi oppressive forces have been raiding the village for the last 8 hours. Based on sources in Awamia, 3 military vehicles drove into ditches due to their own incompentcy and have been unable to get out. In fear that vehicles will be attacked, heavy military support was sent to the area which has been indiscriminately shooting at anything in sight. We have also received reports that one individual was shot by a sniper including a foreign worker mainly Indian was shot dead during his presence in his home. Nevertheless, at least 29 men and women were also shot and injured cruelly by the Saudi security forces. All this happened not in a war battle nor confronting with ISIS, it's committed against civilians present in residential area in Awamia, Qatif."

PS: I am told that this was from yesterday.