Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hizbullah versus Saudi regime

I tell people all the time: don't assume that Hizbullah is as principled as people think, even in its current hostile stance toward the Saudi regime.  Remember that Hizbullah recently been warming up relations with Ilyas Murr (the man who was made by Syrian intelligence apparatus before becoming a tool of March 14, and who was cited as Minister of Defense in Wikileaks sending advice to the Israeli war machine during the July war and who made the most grotesque comments in those talks).  Hizbollah's head of its parliamentary bloc, Muhammad Ra`d, recently visited Al-Murr accompanied by the Iranian Minister, and a Hizbullah (Sunni) propagandist recently praised Al-Murr (and he writes a column in his paper, Al-Jumhuriyyah).  It is always a mistake to assume that Hizbullah and Iran are as principled as they want their followers to think.  Those have had conflicts with Saudi regime before and made up with it before.  Hizbullah MPs even cut the cake in previous reception at the Saudi embassy in Beirut during the celebration of the "national day".