Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Saudi liberal expresses admiration to the Bin Ladenite Jihad in Afghanistan

As you know, this famous Saudi propagandists (who worked for a variety of princes before settling for Prince Al-Walid, is often presented as a moderate liberal Saudi voice, and is cited widely in Western media).  Less known in the Western press is that he fought with Bin Laden and knew him well. He was asked in this interview about the Jihad in Afghanistan (a reference to the Ben Laden-led Arab Jihad there). He answers: "I am one of those who refuse the idea of association between the Jihad in Afghanistan from that era and the current extremism.  There is no connection between them as the Jihad there was true and pure Jihad; it had some mistakes, yes but it was moderate.  It did not have takfir and no suicide attacks and no dissent against the ruler or caliph..."

PS Also, read about how when he was fired from the newspaper, Al-Watan, he was asked to write a long apology to the King to be forgiven. A really moving story that made me emotional.