Saturday, January 23, 2016

Syrian solidarity groups

From comrade Asa: "sn't it funny (not "ha ha" funny): there are two groups that call themselves the "Syria Solidarity Movement" -- one in the UK and one in the US.

The UK one is pro-rebel, and pro-western bombs ("no-fly zone," which they've recently re-branded as a "no-bomb zone," I kid you not). This is their lousy site

Their activists go around social media slandering anyone who raises questions about the rebels and the "no-fly zone" as pro-Assad. They get an unreasonably favourable coverage in the lousy UK mainstream media. At the end of last year they were used as another vector of attack in
the media's war against Jeremy Corbyn and his association with the Stop the War Coalition (which has a sensible position on Syria). Their activists tried to hijack and shut-down a STW meeting in parliament, demanding that their (pro-war) voices be part of an anti-war panel. OK.
Then, the lousy BBC of course reported this as the STW "not allowing Syrians to speak at a meeting about Syria". Totally cynical and disgusting misreporting.

The US one I am not as familiar with but seems pretty pro-Assad:

And both of these groups claim to care about the Syrian people!"