Friday, January 22, 2016

Please: stop the presses, wake up the children and release the pigs from the barn: Israel invents a dish

Israel state of occupation has invented yet another dish.  What is the new dish?  "Roasted whole cauliflower is having a moment. This dish has a very modest ingredient list, but is impressive to serve, and is increasingly becoming a star on the menus of influential chefs around the world. Most recently, the New York Times brought the recipe to home cooks; after its publication last week, the story was one of the most e-mailed on the major newspaper’s website."  Yes, before an Israeli chef invented this, no Arabs have ever placed a whole cauliflower or eggplant on fire. It never occurred to any of them.  The funny part is the the Israeli media use the promotion of "the dish" by New York Times as evidence of the originality of the dish.  If an Israeli were to slice a potato, the New York Times would write a front-page story about how for the first time ever, a potato has been sliced originally in Israel.  This is a state without history or culture trying desperately and feverishly to steal culture from Arabs in the same speed that it has stolen lands from Arabs.