Monday, January 25, 2016

CIA story about the leak of Iran-Contra story

This is not true.  Ash-Shira` was not funded by the Syrian regime (Syrian regime does not "fund" media or even politicians (only Walid Jumblat used to get a stipend of $50,000 per month from Syrian intelligence according to pro-Syrian regime politician, Wi'am Wahhabi in a recent interview): they basically allow their clients to steal and embezzle. That is their form of funding.  Ash-Shira` started with Libyan regime seed money: the publisher was an information leader in a militia run and funded by the Libyan regime during the war years (the Arab Socialist Union).  The magazine later obtained funding from other sources including Iranian intelligence, before settling on Gulf regimes funding (largely now Prince Al-Walid but others as well).  It was disaffected Iranian intelligence elements which leaked the story of Iran-Contra to Ash-Shira`.