Sunday, December 27, 2015

This writer urges you to not judge Jayash Al-Islam based on statements of its leaders and based on calls for extermination of Shi`ites and Alawites

While the leader has called for extermination of Shi`ites and Alawites, this writer was able to locate a Christian who liked Alloush.  This should settle the matter: "He has also been condemned for having made sectarian statements alluding to the extermination of Shia in Syria....Sectarian statements are unjustifiable because they stoke tensions in an already polarised landscape...But it is a mistake to equate the group with extremist organisations, especially since such statements by no means reflect the group’s intentions or actions....[This is like judging Al-Qa`idah on the basis of statements by Bin Laden, I guess]...Bassam Malouf, a Christian dissident, for example, recalled a meeting he had with Alloush".  That should settle the matter for you.