Sunday, December 20, 2015

Samir Al-Quntar, killed by Israeli terrorists

The story of Samir Quntar in the West is told--typically--from the standpoint of Israeli killers.  Israeli killers shape, determine, and mould the entire narrative of every aspect of the Palestinian question.  Thus, innocent people become terrorists and Israeli terrorists are transformed into heroes.  George Carlin used to do a bit on that.  Samir Quntar grew up at a time in Lebanon when posters of Palestinian martyrs filled the walls of Beirut and other cities and villages in Lebanon.  Palestinian resistance groups were perpetrating operations inside occupied Palestine, and Israeli killers do what they have always done: kill the fighters and then kill Israeli hostages--if there are hostages--and then lie and fabricate and pretend that the Palestinians were the ones who killed innocent people.  This is the pattern of Israeli terrorism from before the founding of the state, until the last Israeli terrorist war on Gaza.  The story of Quntar as a killer of children was refuted during the trial in Israel.  I have talked to freed Palestinian prisoners who were with Quntar in jail and they all refute the Israeli lie.  I asked Quntar himself and if you meet him, you believe him just as you know from seeing Netanyahu that he is a congenital liar--and this is something that his friend, Sarkozy and Obama agree on.  I met Quntar once in 2010 and he impressed me as someone who was sincere in his defense of the Palestinian cause, and as someone who would never ever commit the crime that Israeli fabricators and liars attributed to him.  He did not care about anything in the world except Palestine and its liberation.  As a boy, Samir Quntar used to write on his school notebooks "martyr Samir Quntar".  He could not wait to graduate high school to join a Palestinian organization and to visit Palestine and participate in the liberation of Palestine.  Zionist media in the US will tell a different story and if you were to meet Quntar you would know that he is a truthful person.  He became Palestinian by choice: his accent is Palestinian (he told me that his Lebanese wife--and she was sitting with us--was urging him to erase his Palestinian accent.  I told him to disregard her wish in that case) and in jail, he settled disputes among Palestinian factions in jail.  He was consumed with the dream of the liberation of Palestine. I talked him about Hizbullah and its domestic Lebanese policies and its blunders and he said: I never care about the "politics" of Hizbullah. He told me that ever since he was freed from jail, he made it clear to Hizbullah leadership that he only cared about "resistance" against Israeli occupation.  Nothing else mattered to him.  Yes, he agreed to fight in Syria alongside the lousy Syrian regime, but he did so--and you don't have to agree with his perspective--purely from the standpoint of serving the Palestinian cause--as he saw it.  If his reading of the Palestinian cause dictated that he fought in Chechnya, he would have fought in Chechnya. That is the person that he was.  But he was not killed by Israeli terrorists because he was fighting in Syria. He was killed because he was active in resistance against Israeli occupation.  Israel never kills the likes of Mahmoud Abbas or Yasir Abed Rabbu, it only kills those who are active and effective in resisting Israeli occupation and terrorism.  Make no mistake about it: this is why Quntar was killed.  The Syrian regime, typically, failed to protect him: it is a regime which protects thieves, killers, murderers, mafias, and henchmen. It does not protect resisters against Israel.  This is a regime which surrendered what it called "strategic arsenal" only to reassure Israel.  Samir Quntar did not wait to "determine the time and place of the battle with Israel"--the language of the lousy Ba`th party. He himself determined the time and place of the battle with Israel. No resistance fighter anywhere should ever trust the Syrian regime. This is a regime which sold resistance fighters and strugglers in its history for a price from Israel and from US.  This is the regime which surrendered Ocalan, and would sell resistance fighters against Israel for a price. There are some in the Arab world (who work for Qatari and Saudi regime media) who are taking the occasion to mock the Russian government and its anti-air missiles.  Of course, Putin can't be trusted on Palestine and the rhetoric of Syrian regime propaganda about Putin has been nauseating.  But while Putin has reached an agreement with Israel to allow Israel to commit crimes and atrocities and massacres in Syria and Lebanon without Russian intervention, you can't accuse Putin of being closer to Netanyahu than the latter is to US/EU and GCC regimes.  I mean, Israel is closer, far closer, to that camp.  But those who are active in resistance against Israeli occupation and terrorism should never ever trust the intentions of Russia--or the lousy Syrian regime for that matter. Lastly, this murder of Quntar is a breach of an agreement for the exchange of prisoners with Israel. Arabs should learn once and for all, that the terrorist enemy that is Israel never ever respects its signature and never ever respects its commitments, agreements, or promises.  Similarly, Arabs should learn to never ever respect agreements they reach with Israel.  The terrorist Israeli enemy trample on international laws to commit its massacres and to steal lands, and Arabs should learn to act with Israel as it acts itself: in bad faith.  They may reach prisoners exchanges with Israel, but after the release all bets should be off, just as the terrorist Israel acts.