Thursday, November 26, 2015

One French Muslim Imam who is loved by Israel: Israeli-approved Islam

I read this silly piece by this guy in an Israeli newspaper and I asked my source on French matters, "Ibn Rushd" in Paris.  He wrote: " yes, he's a major-league moron, who is Israel's favorite imam. 
He was originally a salafi imam in Tunisia, started working for ben ali's inetlligence.
Then he moved to France, and even though his French language skills are terrible, he became the imam of drancy.
He was approached by CRIF, taken to Israel on several trips, given a pro-israel handler who wrote his books and speeches.
They took him on every single talk show on TV, introduced him as a hero fighting for the reformation of islam and standing up to the barbarian antisemites.
But it's a good thing actually. He's so stupid and so widely discredited in his own community that the manufacturing of Chalghoumi ended up hurting CRIF.
Chalghoumi is now the butt of every joke in town, with lots of parody accounts on twitter mocking him for not speaking french, loving israel and pretending to be an intellectual and the Martin Luther of Islam".