Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kim Ghattas on "radical Islam"

Ghattas, a March 14 Lebanese journalist who has written a hagiography of Hillary Clinton, found a solution to the ISIS problem: "Hassan believes that the best way to delegitimize the organization is to actually call it by its chosen name, “The Islamic State,” and describe its state as a caliphate."  Wow. Why didn't people come up with that idea before? I am sure that it would end its rule.  And Ghattas says that it should be no problem if we allow the Republican rightist bigots to dominate the terminology about Jihadi terrorist groups because--according to her--Arabs refer to ISIS and the likes as "Islam mutatarrif."  Of course, this is not true. But hey: she has consulted with other March 14 people, including a fellow at the Rafiq Hariri Center, and they agreed with her. Case closed.  I would like her make that argument about referring to Israeli criminals and terrorists with references to Judaism.  Would she dare?  Would she dare talk about "radical Judaism"?  Of course, I am opposed to blaming Judaism for crimes of individual Jews, or blaming Islam for crimes of individual Muslims.