Tuesday, October 27, 2015

trash literature on the Middle East: or Who really was behind Sep. 11?

Ever since I came to the US I took it upon myself to read the trash books on the Middle East, which are more often than not written by ardent Zionists (of course, some trash books are written by pro-Arab writers--i.e. pro Gulf regimes writers).  One such book is Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam by David Dalin and John Rothmann (one is a fellow at Hoover institution of war-and-more-war and the other is a professor at University of San Francisco--or so he says).  In the book, there are too many absurdities but two are worth mentioning: "Nasser, who often referred to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as one of his favorite books" (p. 94).  This, like many other parts of the book, is utterly invented and fabricated.  In fact, Zionists combed for years in all speeches and interviews of Nasser and could not find one anti-jewish reference except one interview with an Indian writer (no Arabic version of it was published to my knowledge) in which Nasser mentioned the Protocols.  On Sep. 11: the authors have a whole section titled: "Hitler, Al-Husseinia, and the Terrorists of September 11".