Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Israeli mob violence against Palestinians

"Israeli society is already a heavily armed society. In 2013 about 160,000 permits were issued for private citizens to carry firearms, and 130,000 for organisations." "Indeed, on 9 October, a mob of right-wing Israelis formed to hunt Arabs in the streets of Jerusalem and beat them to death. They planned their route to areas where Arab cleaning crews would be employed in order to assault them, and asked passers-by for the time, looking for people who answer with an Arab accent. The police was unable or unwilling to cope with the dimensions the mob." "This mob mentality is not new. Mass arming of the population and mobilisation against the common Arab “enemy” have been commonplace and were among the tools which were used to take over territory, to win wars and build a stable (albeit unequal) political regime."