Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hitler and Hajj Amin and the Western and Arab falsification of history

I don't think that we should be dragged into a discussion of the fool, Hajj Amin Husayni.  But the entire discussion about him (in the West and East) has become burned by vulgar and crude Zionist propaganda.  I wrote an article about the matter in Arabic for today's Al-Akhbar so I will just summarize key points. 1) The propaganda about Hajj Amin has only been intensifying: not motivated by history but by the desire to besmirch and stigmatize the Palestinian people and their just cause.  Netanyahu is borrowing from the body of propaganda trash literature produced by Zionists.  With ness this book by Barry Rubin and Wolfgang Schwanitz: Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East.  It says on page 6: "After their (Hajj Amin and Hitler) meeting, they concluded the pact of Jewish genocide in Europe and the Middle East, and immediately afterwards, Hitler gave the orders to prepare for the Holocaust".  The worst part is that this trash was published by Yale University Press.  I mean, we have a record of the meeting and there was no discussion of the Holocaust and Hajj Amin discussed very specific political matters, and he typically asked for support but he was too dumb to realize that Nazi government was not in any way interested in lending a hand to the Arab people.  In his definitive biography of Hiter, Ian Kershaw does not even mention Hajj Amin once in his massive book. Not once. Notice in the Zionist historiography, Alfred Rosenberg, the real anti-Semitic genocidal "thinker" of the Nazi regime, and the one who had an impact on the hateful mind of Hitler, takes a back seat to Hajj Amin.  Look at this reference in Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the rise of Radical Islam by David Dalin and John Rothmann about Hajj Amin's days in Berlin: "As the Mufti was driven down the Wilhelmstrasse, adoring crowds of Palestinian Arab expatriates lined the streets to cheer and pay homage to their revered leader, the Grossmufti von Jerusalem". (p. 5).  Adoring crowds of Palestinian Arab expatriates in Berlin? How many of them were there? 3 to 4 Palestinians exactly?  Worse, notice that Hajj Amin becomes Hitler's Mufti. Pretty soon Zionist fabricators will render it like this: Hitler will become Mufti's Hitler.  All these writings are really Nazi apologia of the likes you see in the writings of David Irving and other Holocaust deniers.  2) Hajj Amin was not the only Arab who met his Hitler or Nazi leaders because he was the enemy of the enemies of the Arabs in the Arab East.  Shakir Arsalan also met with Nazi leaders and established relations with the Nazi regime.  (Read the account in William Cleveland about the relationship between Arsalan and Nazi leaders although Cleveland makes it clear that Arsalan was less corrupt financially than Hajj Amin who kept asking the Germans for more funding in his fancy dwelling in Berlin.  In fact, Arsalan prepared perhaps the first comprehensive Arabic translations of Mein Kampf but it was never published (see Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World by Jeffrey Herf, p. 42).  We don't know if a manuscript still exist and why the Nazis never used it.  Is it because Fritz Grobba (a key Middle East expert at the German government) warned of how Arabs will see the racism against them in the book?  Not sure.  Palestinian leader, Musa Alami, also met with German officials although we don't have a record of the meeting and Alami never mentions the matter in Musa Alami: Palestine is My Country: the Story of Musa Alami.  But the worst meeting by an Arab official and Hitler is by far the official representative of King Abdul-`Aziz, Khalid Al-Hud Gargani.  We have a record of the meeting: that was an Arab who basically discussed genocidal anti-Semitic plans with Hitler. The man even compared Hitler to Muhammad and told him that his battle against Jews is not different from the battle between Muhammad and Jews of Medina.  King `Abdul-`Aziz wanted to pursue a relationship with Hitler but was impeded by 1) his subservience to the British; 2) his desire to have one of his sons become King of Jordan and he wanted British support for that.  4) Arabs have been largely misled by Zionist propaganda which led many to think that Hitler was a friend of the Arabs and foe of Zionism.  Not true at all.  The Nazi regime in fact pursued a Zionist policy in the Middle East and supported the creation of Jewish state before it was formed (Rosenberg was the only raising a stink about that given his firm belief in the trashy Protocols of the Elders of Zion).  As Nicosia pointed out in The Third Reich and the Palestine Question, Hitler overruled his aids even after 1937 Peel Commission when Britain made it clear that it was pursuing a Jewish state in Palestine and called for continued support of Jewish immigration into Palestine.  Nazi regime even indulged Zionist organizations in Germany because both were working for the flight of Jews into Palestine.  People in West and East miss a key aspect about Nazism: that its anti-Semitism was consistent with its Zionism: and that is true of many Western Zionists, including US and British officials and even southern Baptists of the US.   In one speech from 1920, Hitler said: "Jews should seek their human rights in their own state in Palestine, where they belong" (p. 28 in Nicosia).  Hajj Amin is guilty of ignorance and stupidity among other political sins.  I can go on but just wanted to share this.  And the Havana Transfer Agreement has been discussed in the literature.  If we rightly speak of (and against) appeasement to Hitler, the Zionists were clearly among those appeasers.  4) Zionist movement and later state tried hard to extract "confessions" from Nazi officials after war to basically admit that indeed Hajj Amin was the guy who founded the Nazi ideology and regime.  They tried so hard with Eichamann to get a confirmation and were very disappointed with his mention that he met him once in passing.  As for the constant references to Eichamann's deputy, Dieter Wisliceny, of course, he was more than willing in Nuremberg to basically say that it was not Hitler or the German Nazi were were responsible but that Hajj Amin did it all.  OK, I shall stop.