Friday, October 23, 2015

Hajj Amin Husayni, again

Regarding the trash Nazi-absolving talk of Netanyahu, I went yesterday and searched the record of Palestinian political literature from the times of Hajj Amin Husayni, and this question comes to mind: if Hajj Amin was the man who inspired Hitler on the Final Solution, how come he never expressed such genocidal anti-Semitic views in Arabic when addressing his own audiences.  His remarks about Jewish people were always centered on the Palestinian situation and did not veer toward the Nazi evil conception on the matter.  This man struck a terrible marriage of convenience with the Nazi regime because he was like the revisionist Zionists who saw the evil of the British government to be worse than the evil of the Nazi regime.  For Hajj Amin, the British were his worse enemies.  He rendered some propaganda services and received some stipend for his entourage from Germany, and he received a nice Mercedes (I saw it with my own eyes at the garage of his daughter in Beirut in late 1970s).  Here, an Arab journalist who interviewed Hajj Amin refutes Netanyahu's claims and delivers the words of Hajj Amin regarding the Zionist accusations against him.  Don't get me wrong: he was a terrible and dumb Palestinian leader but certainly less dumb and terrible than Mahmoud Abbas.