Friday, October 30, 2015

Deep State in Turkey: Washington Asks: where are the general/dictators to save Turkey

"Kerem Oktem, a Turkish historian and author of “Angry Nation: Turkey Since 1989,” described the deep state as “a loose network of manipulative actors” who “do the dirty jobs of government.” In a classified diplomatic cable from 2002 released by WikiLeaks, W. Robert Pearson, who was then the American ambassador in Ankara, wrote that “the Turkish Deep State, the behind-the-scenes machinery and power relationships among selected members of the military, judicial, and bureaucratic elite, has endured as an essential factor in political life, and in citizens’ wary calculations of their relationship to the state.” The cable, which described how journalists were suspected of disseminating propaganda for agents of the deep state, relied in part on a source in Turkey’s security establishment."