Friday, September 25, 2015

Opposition to Syrian "revolution"

In answer to query by a friend I was thinking: I have opposed all US wars and Israeli wars since I came to the US back in 1983. But it has never been more isolating for me politically than in taking a position on Syria which opposes both the Syrian regime and the Syrian rebels. It is easier to oppose Israel than to oppose Syrian rebels, for some reason.  There are academics who oppose Israel (to various degrees) but opposition to Syrian rebels have been deemed to be beyond the pale.  For some reason, opposition to Syrian rebels is treated like one treats bigotry and anti-Semitism.  There are academics and ordinary Syrians in the US who are afraid to speak out against Syrian rebels.  To be sure, you can oppose ISIS but not the others. Even Nusrah (the official branch of Al-Qa`ida, for postato's sake) is treated with respect and reverence.  There is also more unified party line in the mainstream and not-so-mainstream media on the Syrian question. This is something that warrants a study or journalistic investigation.