Sunday, September 27, 2015

Have you noticed that when a pro-US potentate issues orders of executions it is presented as heroic?

This is a most crude propaganda piece about the Jordanian monarchy that I have seen. It only lacked the signature of the press office of the king.  And do you notice that all pieces that are based on uncited interviews with the king show him as resolute and firm when this guy is not seen as firm and resolute by anyone: not in DC nor in Jordan.  The man is a joke but will continue to be taken seriously because Israel lobbies for him as it lobbied for his father (and just as the Zionist movement lobbied for his great grandfather).  The article all but implied that the King is so firm that he brandished his gun in official meetings in DC.  Look at this silly passage:  "The king foresaw that Western governments would protest the executions as acts of vengeance, even though both inmates had been sentenced long ago as part of normal court proceedings. But he would not be deterred. As far as he was concerned, the appointment with the hangman already had been delayed too long, he told aides.
“I don’t want to hear a word from anyone,” Abdullah said."  Wow. he issues orders of excuctions of men and women and does not care. Wow. How moderate of him. How wise.  Why can't we have more of this model in the region? Well, we do in fact and the West is workign hard to replicate this mdoel of governance in Syria and Iran--two countries that defy the US model of moderation in the region.