Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Palestinian woman under Israeli occupation in 1948 Palestine

She tells her own story (I cite her permission): "In June 29th last year I participated in a demonstration against Israel's continues blockage of Gaza as well as against the force-feeding plan, which the occupation authorities intended (and still does) to force upon the Palestinian detainees who back then were on a hunger strike. The demonstration took place at the entrance of Um al-Fahm (a Palestinian city in Israel). 

As always; the Israeli police attacked the demonstrators brutally and started shooting and firing dangerous kind of rubber and sponge pullets as well as tear gas canister.
When the police started shooting I was standing right in front of them (there were many standing next to each other). One police aimed his gun towards me and shot me right in the head causing two skull fracture as well as brain bleeding.
As a result, I had to go through a very complicated, long and dangerous head surgery. My neurosurgical doctors confirmed that I was very lucky to survive at all.

When my health became stable and when I overcame the life-threatening period, my lawyer Abeer Baker and I filed a sue to "MAHASH" (Police Internal Investigations Department) sending them all the relevant medical documents, pictures from the seen as well as testimonies of those who witnessed the action. A case was opened and investigations took place (as MAHAS claims), yet around 2 weeks ago I received a letter saying the case cannot be solved because the "offender is unknown", and just like that it was closed.

This letter is not just about me, it is a substantiation to the fact that Israel can murder and torture any one of us and still get away with it, simply because our lives worth nothing to the occupation state.
The occupation state continues to steal the lives of many Palestinians among other things, and Israel continues with its daily racism and apartheid and yet manages to get away with it each time. We became used to violence and murder, with almost always zero cases of justice.

Finally yet importantly, I may have lost my life because of this injury, but if anything this experience have strengthen the spirit of resistance in me."