Friday, July 24, 2015

Jamal Khashuqji and the Saudi project in the region

Since this propagandist of various Saudi princes is often cited in Western media as an independent Arab voice, I thought I would share this characterization of his about the differences between the Iranian and Saudi projects in the region:
"Either us with our participatory democratic project which includes all, and would build our plurastic Yemen and Syria, or them iwth their narrow sectarian project".    If you were reading this would you not think it is a joke?
هناك، فلا يخف ضغطنا إلا أن نرى منهم استجابة لهذا المشروع، أما غير ذلك فهو الاستمرار في المواجهة الكبرى التي لا تحتمل أنصاف الحلول، فإما نحن بمشروعنا الديموقراطي التشاركي الذي يستوعب الجميع، وبناء شامنا ويمننا التعددي، وإما هم بمشروعهم الطائفي الضيق.