Friday, June 26, 2015

What does the US Department of State says about anti-Semitism in Lebanon

"The national school curriculum materials did not contain materials on the Holocaust."  Wait: so the absence of teaching materials on the Holocaust implies that Lebanon is anti-Semitic? Does the absence of teaching materials about the Nakbah in the US curriculum imply that the US is anti-Arab/anti-Palestinian? Furthermore the report feigns the attitude of documented accusations but then state that Al-Manar broadcasts anti-Semitic materials but does not give examples except one derived from MEMRI. ANd then the report says: "In March the daily newspaper Al-Sharq published an article by Sana Kojok which claimed that, during Passover, the Jews eat matzoh made with the blood of non-Jews, a traditional anti-Semitic conspiracy charge. Hizballah-owned, Lebanon-based media outlet Al Manar continued to broadcast anti-Semitic content."  The report fails to mention that Al-Sharq paper is funded by the Saudi regime and the Hariri family in Lebanon.  How convenient to not mention that.