Saturday, June 13, 2015

Israel and the falafil: this lousy article in Haaretz

The Zionist entity and its Zionist media are experts in coming up with silly justifications for their theft and occupation. Look at this one (my comments are in red):
"Describing falafel as a prominent part of Israeli culinary culture may simply be an acknowledgement that Israelis eat and enjoy a lot of falafel, but it is also a way of appropriating the traditional foods of another people."  Only when Israel steals and occupies it shows appreciation. There is no other way for showing appreciation than by stealing and appropriating the cultures and contributions of others?
"Falafel is an Arab food. Lebanese and Palestinians lay claims to it, and some argue that its roots are actually in ancient Egypt. "  I don't care which theory you propose, and there is a possibility that the ancient Egyptians were first but whatever it is it is NOT a product of the entity that was founded by force in 1948.  
 "To some extent, then, Israeli cuisine reflects the violence of the Israeli state and the appropriation of Arab and Palestinian foods."  This one sentence is true, and it will never appear in a US newspaper because ADL among others will protest this simple acknowledgement as being anti-Semitic. Hell, I expect that the US Department of State will introduce yet another refinement to its bizarre definition of anti-Semitism (and why would the US Department of State be qualified to define anti-Semitism when it was founded and led by anti-Semites in the first place), whereby any statement that mentions Falafil as an Arab food would be considered anti-Semitic.  
"For Israel to claim regional dishes as its own serves a political process, and raises the question of whether or not any cuisine can legitimately be called Israeli. " This statement is also true: there is nothing that can be called uniquely Israeli except the unique methods of terrorism that Israel introduced into the region.
 "Its popularity was further spread with the help of Jews from Yemen, who probably learned it from Arabs."  Probably? Are you kidding me? What do you mean probably? Where else would have the Jews of Yemen (who are more Arab than me) brought it from? China? Japan?
"Tomatoes are important for Italian cooking but they are not indigenous to Italy, and the regional variations of pizza". WHat kind of logic is this? tomatoes? We are not talking about an ingredient here. We are talking about a dish, damn it.
"Israeli cuisine offers hope for a future where diversity and plurality are not only respected, but serve as a foundation for creative endeavors ".  What a bunch of malarkey.  Diversity and plurality? There is no other way of showing diversity and plurality except by theft?  This is like saying that Israel celebrates Arab culture by destroying Palestinian homes, stealing the lands, and killing their inhabitants.