Wednesday, June 10, 2015

GCC Ministers openly and explicitly order GCC media to launch a propaganda campaign

"GCC information ministers renewed their call for the media to counter all those who seek to question the right of the State of Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup, stressing GCC states full solidarity with the State of Qatar and encouraged media in the GCC to continue countering these campaigns at home and abroad.
In recommendations they issued a their 23rd meeting, held in Doha, the GCC information ministers, among the simplest duties of the media in member states, is the support and the highlighting of the cultural and economic gains of this unprecedented achievement and positive impact on the youth in GCC states.
The Ministers agreed that the State of Qatar, in coordination with the General Secretariat, is to develop a strategic vision for the joint media moves to counter such campaigns to reflect the international dimension of media discourse to show the right of GCC state, represented by the State of Qatar, to organize this important event.
The Ministers decided to approve the General Secretariat's vision on the implementation of a number of recommendations contained in the evaluation study of the media strategy and decided to refer it to the ministerial council to endorse it while taking into account a number of points that include assigning the General Secretariat, in coordination with media committees working within the GCC framework (Radio, TV, news agencies, electronic media) in addition to the GCC Joint Programme Production Institution, the Gulf TV and Radio and GCC Journalism Union, to get briefed on the role they can play in this area.
The approval of the abovementioned vision included the stress that countering the takfirist ideology and the extremist trends requires a sustained effort by all GCC media in accordance with the mechanisms followed in each state." (thanks J.)