Friday, May 29, 2015

Amnesty International report on Gaza collaborators with Israel

This is one of the silliest report: look how much reports about alleged human rights violations by victims of Israeli occupation receive in coverage versus reports about real and proven human rights violations by Israeli occupiers.  What does Amnesty International want? That under occupation, those who collaborate with the military occupation, and those who give (false and real) information and coordinates to facilitate Israeli bombing campaigns should be spared punishment?   And why did the report make the fact that some of the collaborators are Fath members as evidence that the motives of the punishment were political? Are you saying that collaborators should be spared because they belong to the rival party in Gaza?  And when was there a foreign occupation in history when collaborators with the enemy were spared punishment? French resistance? Vietnamese? South Africa?  Or even American war against British occupation?  Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch would have issued reports against the brave rebels of the Warsaw ghetto if they were around.  And are there any Palestinians other than collaborators with Israeli military occupation who are loved by Western governments, media, and human rights organizations?