Friday, March 27, 2015

The moderate regime of Jordan: your baby. What the mosques are blasting today

Rami Udwan (the son of Fath leader, Kamal `Udwan, who was killed by Israeli terrorists in 1973) wrote on his Facebook page today the following:  "The Friday sermon [in a mosque in `Abdun, west of Amman, as he told me] today explained how the Shi`ites are our enemies and that they are more a priority to fight than the Jews, and that they are people of conspiracies, and false doctrines, and that they have been allies of the Jews all their lives, and that they hate companions of the prophet".  US media and government talk about hate in mosques and not realize (or not care to admit) that the mosques are run and controlled by the pro-US clients themselves.

"أوضحت خطبة الجمعة اليوم كيف ان الشيعة أعداؤنا وأولى بان نحاربهم قبل اليهود، فهم اهل الدسائس والعقائد الباطلة وشابكين مع اليهود طول عمرهم وكمان بيكرهوا الصحابة ....
الحمدلله اللي يسرلنا امام جمعة عميق ومطلع ومصلح وعرفنا انو في ناس مش أنقياء واطهار مثل اهل السنة ..."