Wednesday, March 11, 2015

UPDATE: The cult of Gen. Suleimani, again

This picture is in wide circulation, today.  I am too busy to translate the captions. Someone should volunteer and send back to me.

PS Translation:
"Here is my translation of the picture you posted yesterday:

"His Majesty Abdullah, the beloved King of Jordan has fought tens of battles on Playstation games and in Las Vegas lounges.  1,250 grams of medals.

A crab of the Sahara, Khalid Bin Sultan: Took part in hanging around and watching Operation Desert Storm in a screening room.  650 grams of medals.

King Hamd, the Emperor of Bahrain: Participated in excursions hunting blondes in resorts in Monaco and Marbella. 870 grams of medals. 

Qasim Salimani: Took part in more than 50 war-time battles, and at the same time has been charged with fighting in the front.  Don’t ask me how, but NO medals.""